Who am I?

Hi! My name is Michiel and I hack stuff. I work as a freelance cyber security consultant and mostly do penetration testing on web applications. Next to that, I also try to be active as a bug bounty hunter, mostly on the Intigriti platform. Other than that, I’m always very eager to learn new things to sharpen my skills. The topics that I want to learn are not always security related, I once learned Puppet simply because I wanted to provision and manage my systems on my home server through code. Meanwhile, I’ve pretty much mastered Python, that’s why I always try to get out of my comfort zone and learn new languages while doing various other projects. I’ve also developed some custom tools that help me with pentests and when hunting for bug bounties.

Besides hacking stuff and geeking out behind my computer, I also like to have a good social life. I have a need to get away from my desk to meet up with friends or family. I also love to play tennis and I have two kittens at home who keep me company every day.

My Intigriti profile and links to other social platforms can be found below:


Want to talk? Awesome! You can reach me on my email address: hello@michielevers.be.